Taurus G2C or G3C – Which is the Best Handgun?

g2c or g3c

Taurus G2C or G3C

Choosing the right handgun is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. It’s important to know the pros and cons of every firearm before making a decision.
The Taurus G2C is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a budget-friendly handgun. This gun has a polymer frame which makes it lightweight, durable, and easy to conceal. The only downside to this gun is that it’s magazine capacity is limited at 10 rounds. The Taurus G3C on the other hand has a magazine capacity of 15 rounds which means you don’t have to reload as often in high-stress situations. .- It’s lightweight, durable, and easy to conceal.- The capacity of it’s magazine is limited at 7 rounds.-This type of gun can only shoot .380 caliber rounds which is a small caliber. .- The grip is made of plastic


Taurus G2c

The Taurus G2c series was engineered specifically for everyday carry – and it delivers. With its streamlined, ergonomic design and rugged, compact polymer frame, you’ll find that G2c pistols strike the perfect balance between comfort and confidence. In addition to that, they’re finished with a tough-as-nails coating in a variety of colors to match your personal style. The latest model has been approved for sale in Massachusetts and

Taurus G2c pistols offer the same high-quality features you’ve come to expect from Taurus plus a design built for everyday carry. With its sleek profile and ergonomic grip, the G2c is the perfect firearm to both empower and protect you in any situation. The time has come to find your confident concealed carry pistol: Taurus G2c.

The G2C has so many interesting and improved features, it’s so easy to shoot, easy to conceal, and it’s built for accuracy and reliability.

This is a fine entry-level CCW handgun for self-defense and home defense, and law enforcement agencies also use these as backup handguns.

It’s perfect for newbies because of its added safeties and features like loaded chamber indicator, manual safety, and trigger safety.

Its streamlined and rugged appearance offers a balance of comfort and ease of use, and you can rely on its durability and safety as an EDC (everyday carry) for self-defense.

The sub-compact, lightweight handgun with an enhanced texture polymer frame and grip complements its stealthy potential and ergonomics and adds great ease of use.

The recoil is slightly snappy, but it’s a good choice for a woman’s CCW, for purse concealment.

It’s slightly larger than the Sig Sauer P365, so it can appeal to people with larger hands.


Taurus G3c

Stop wishing for a gun you can have. The Taurus G3c is finally here. The new and improved Taurus G3c features a host of new features like newly-designed ergonomic rubber grip, underbarrel Picatinny rail, and reduced width to name a few. That’s not all, with the latest in Taurus safety innovation, the Taurus G3c has no external safety switches for worry free carry

The new Taurus G3c builds on the proven foundation that has made the compact G-series among the most popular personal defense/EDC handguns ever while advancing function, reliability, and durability to the next level. Furthermore, the G3c enters the market without a protracted introductory price. You get all the features of a full-size Taurus plus a compact polymer frame with ergonomic finger grooves for better control and visibility.

You can’t go wrong with a Taurus. We offer the G2C and G3C for those who like to keep it simple. These are affordably priced, easy to use, and well-built guns for everyone from the new shooter

The Taurus G3c takes down just like a Glock, which means that it is extremely simple to field strip the gun and clean it.

To field strip the Taurus G3c, all you have to do is check for an empty chamber, then drop the striker by pulling the trigger.


Taurus offers a variety of magazines that reflect unwavering commitment to product quality, innovation, craftsmanship and value.






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