TAURUS GX4 9mm 3″ 11 Rounds Black

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With the introduction of our first-ever micro-compact 9mm, the all-new Taurus GX4 boldly outclasses anything else in its class-reaching unprecedented new heights in concealed carry firearm engineering, ergonomics, and innovation. On the outside, there can be no doubt that every streamlined inch of this rugged striker-fired semi-auto was meticulously crafted for EDC readiness and reliability.

While a game-altering combination of full-sized capacity, accuracy, and power resides within its ultra-concealable one-inch-wide reinforced frame. The exceptionally affordable Taurus GX4 is backed by our Limited Lifetime Warranty and industry-leading customer service for added peace of mind when it matters the most.

The polymer frame has excellent stippling along the sides of the grip and on the front strap. That same stippling is found on the backstrap, and here’s one area where the GX4 stands out from its competitors: It comes with interchangeable backstraps, which are easily changed by driving out a pin.

The backstrap that comes installed has a slight palm swell, but if a more pronounced swell fits your hands better, you can switch to the other one. Swapping them does not change the trigger reach length.

Recent Taurus designs have incorporated features to help you locate your support-hand thumb in a thumbs-forward grip and also a spot to index your trigger finger when your sights aren’t on target (safety rule No. 3!). On the G3 series, these are dished-out areas above the trigger guard, but here they are stippled panels. Taurus calls them “indexing” and “recoil management” pads. I don’t know many advantages they offer, but they certainly don’t hurt.

Taurus GX4, Semi-automatic Pistol, Striker Fired, Compact, 9MM, 3″ Barrel, Polymer Frame, Black Slide, Fixed Steel Front Sight, Drift-Adjustable Steel Rear Sight w/ Serrated Ramp, Two Backstrap Options, 2-11 Round Magazines

taurus gx4


The trigger guard is squared off, the front left smooth. The frame sports a slight rise behind the magazine release to discourage accidental activation, and the area around the slide-lock lever is contoured so the lever won’t snag on clothing during the draw. There’s a slight recess built into the bottom of the frame that, combined with a similar recess in the magazines’ base plates, enables you to get a fingertip in there to strip out a stubborn mag.

Inside the polymer frame is a stainless steel chassis that houses the fire-control system and adds rigidity to the frame. Operational controls get a Teflon coating for smoothness and corrosion resistance, and other internal metal parts are nickel-plated. The recoil spring is a dual, captured affair, with a flat-wire sleeved portion sliding over a smaller round-wire section.

Taurus is a brand on the rise. With strong leadership and increased collaboration between the U.S. and Brazilian engineering teams, the company is producing firearms designed especially for the needs of American shooters. The market has spoken and Taurus is paying attention. The GX4 is an accurate, concealable, and controllable firearm ideal for everyday carry. It’s a strong first step towards building Taurus’ reputation as a premium firearm manufacturer, and it certainly won’t be their last.

There’s a tendency to think a gun that costs a lot less than its competitors is somehow inferior. While the Taurus GX4 isn’t perfect—and what gun is?—it offers the reliability, accuracy, and shooting ability you want in a tiny 9mm with plenty of capacity. Taurus has done a good job with this pistol, and it’s worth checking out.

  • Visual Loaded Chamber Indicator
  • Striker Block
  • Trigger Safety
  • Flat Face, Serrated Trigger for Better Comfort and Control
  • Signature Indexing and Recoil Management Pad. (RMP)
  • Reversible Magazine Release
  • Easy Take Down Pin for Disassembly
  • Grip
  • Polymer
  • 2 Magazines Included


  • UPC 725327935391
  • Manufacturer Taurus
  • Manufacturer Part # 1-GX4M931
  • Model GX4
  • Action Semi-automatic
  • Type Striker Fired
  • Size Compact
  • Caliber 9MM
  • Barrel Length 3″
  • Color Black
  • Grips Synthetic
  • Capacity 11Rd
  • Accessories 2 Mags
  • Sights Adjustable Sights
  • Subcategory Pistols – Polymer Frame
  • Material Polymer


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Taurus GX4

TAURUS GX4 9mm 3" 11 Rounds Black

$339.99$392.00 (-13%)

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